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Digital car:
A car is a big rolling screen & sensor system - it's a rolling living room, office and more.

Digital Car:

We identified 327 different use cases for in-cabin innovation from enter-/infotainment, e-commerce, payment to health.  Then we analyzed & tested these use cases on customer benefit & adoption, technical roadmap, business scenarios, "necessity for autonomous driving" and much more.

Based on that we developed different solutions or invested in start-ups / teams. These teams worked long in-stealth-mode.

We will bring them out-of-stealth next months.

They are designed to focus and cooperate in an ecosystem with partners. With this our portfolio companies - but most importantly - our partners get fast scale and success.

The business models of our ventures are designed to be sustainable and fair with a real win-win for all partners. And they bring the in-cabin innovation forward. And they are a great start to realize a bigger vision together.

We invite partners and investors to join our ecosystem. 

See our portfolio companies on the launch pad. More info for venture capital investors on request. 

Launch Pad digital car


Launch for Oct. 2024 in preparation

Fashion and shopping in a car - but not only


It rocks a car, while you charge or tailgate


Food & Fun Next! Mobility First!


Beauty and skin cancer early detection 

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