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Health AI

We bring important health checks to real daily life

On a Run

Orthopedic AI

RUN ROCKETS: Daily, easy, real-time analysis of gait and running style for runners. 

64% of regular runners have problems with Achilles tendons, knees and more - the so called running injuries.

One important reason is that 99% of humans differ between right and left foot or leg. Minor differences means a distinct running style and different gait. But all runners use the same cushioning on both feet. Run Rockets delivers the data to produce with 3-D-printers individualized running shoes. 

And Run Rockets delivers also an AI based coaching and feedback to improve  running technique during the run: healthier & faster! 


An early detection of cancer saves lives! We have one portfolio company working on skin cancer identification. They use data from daily life, which does not need any additional effort from the users.

This enables users to make further analysis at the right time which will not only save healthcare costs but also save lives.


We test and invest in R&D in different areas from stroke and Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s. This is a key mission for us as many of our team members and founders have had family members suffering from these types of disease.


Data plays a special role here and we recognize that the data should be obtained easily from daily life activities. This means we not only need new tech but also use cases with high adoption and acceptance by users on a broad scale. Privacy management and ease of use are crucial.

Skin Biopsy
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