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The Sky is Not the limit ...



We are a leader in the innovation space for digital car and health-tech, partnering with the brightest minds in technology and building the most promising use cases.

Our team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of success in building and investing in startups.

Our mission is to turn customer-centric use cases into successful businesses, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

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Digital Car:  

A car is a big rolling screen & sensor system - some speak even of a rolling living room.

In your living room you watch films, play games, do office work, shop, create tiktok videos and more.

Why not have this experiences in your car? It is because you are driving? Not at all, we never want to distract you from driving!

However, there are many situations when you have a downtime. Charging your EV, waiting for friends, standing in a traffic jam and much more. 

And maybe you have passengers with you. Often they might enjoy better leather seats and a superior sound-system in the car than they do at home. And yet, they are bored.


There are many use cases to utilize the already existing screens and sensors much better.


We invest and build solutions to change that.

We will give the word "window shopping" a new meaning.

We have and support big visions.

However, visions remain mere dreams unless you concentrate your efforts and work diligently towards them with like-minded partners who share the same vision and focus.

Health AI

We invent and build revolutionary solutions for health assessments with real daily life data

X-Ray Results

"More artificial intelligence - less artificial situation data"

Better support for physicians: less time for analysis, more time for diagnose and treatment plan 

Contact Us


19925 Stevens Creek Boulevard; Suite 100        
Cupertino CA, 95014

New address soon - we move in March 2024 to Mountain View!


(408) 520 90 45

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